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HP Laptop Motherboard Upgrade for faster performance.

20170729_160232 (1)

In this case, the HP laptop was originally purchased with an Intel Pentium processor designed for a tablet. Because the processor was so low end it would give excellent battery life but would lag on an average day to day task and whenever trying to play a game. 

Once finished with the upgrade the laptop received a 30% speed boost, eliminated the lag on day to day tasks and was able to run all the older games requested to be played on the PC.  

GPU/CPU Heat-Sink Before and After

Before and After Fan Clean

Motherboard Striped and Cleaned

Fully Reassembled

Full disassembly and Clean of Lenovo All-In-On-PC. All Cleans include full disassembly and thorough clean of all hardware components and fan ports. This computer is only a few months old and already has collected a bunch of dust on the internal components 

This computer was only a few months old and already had collected a bunch of dust on the internal components. Removing dust and grime on internal components will not only improve the life of your computer significantly but will also decrease the heat the machine produces. Keeping your components cool for better overclocking and/or gaming 

Lenovo All-In-One-PC Full clean of all internal components and Clean install of windows 7 home.

Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad Motherboard

Lenova Yoga Thinkpad.resized

Inside a Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad. Bent heatsink was causing a really loud annoying sound. Repaired heatsink and cleaned out fan and vents for optimal performance.

Custom Built Gaming Computer

New System build.resized

New Gaming System build. Was given a budget of $1200.00, Designed a top of the line gaming rig, 8 core AMD FX processor clocked at 5GHz! with coirsar liquid cooling and RX580 STRIX GPU for just over $1000.00. Designed and built from scratch, running great.

Lenovo Yoga Pro

Lenovo Yoga Pro.resized

Another Lenovo Yoga having problems with its fan. This one is a Yoga pro that was having issues overheating and shutting down due to heat. As you can see in the picture above, both fans were clogged with a bunch of dust. They fan vents were even worse. I Then performed an intense cleaning of both fans and reseated the GPU and CPU with Nano-Diamond thermal compound. The Lenovo Yoga has not had problems with heat since.

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