Comptech Repair Computer and Electronic Recycling Starting At:




Comptech Repair Computer Drop Off Recycling Services. Get rid of all your old computer related devices: Recycling Fees listed below:

free Items:

  • Laptop PC’s “NO MORE THAN 5 YEARS OLD”
  • Desktop PC’s “NO MORE THANE 10 YEARS OLD”
  • Tablet Devices “Android and IOS” “NO MORE THAN 5 YEARS OLD”
  • Keyboards/Mouses PC Related Cables”
  • Flat screen computer monitors “MUST BE WORKING AND NO MORE THAN 5 YEARS OLD”

Per Item Charges:

  • Laptop PC’s “MORE THAN 5 YEARS OLD”¬† ——- 5$ per item
  • Desktop PC’s “MORE THANE 10 YEARS OLD” —— 10$ per item
  • Tablet Devices “Android and IOS” “MORE THAN 5 YEARS OLD” —— 5$ per item
  • Printers “home” ————- 10$per item
  • NON WORKING – flat screen computer monitors ——- 10$ per item
  • Miscellaneous PC related components¬† ——- 1$-5$ per item
From Crack screens repairs to broken laptop charging ports Comptech repair fixes em fast and affordable.


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Note: Comptech repair online prices are calculated for labor charges only. Additional charges may apply for parts that need replacement.


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