Jordan Rosales

Hello my name is Jordan Rosales. I was born in Denver Colorado and from the age of 10 became fascinated with computers and how they operate. I dedicated all my free time discovering how computers work both inside and out.

By the age of 12 I built my first computer and was asked to build more for other people. I began designing and building multiple computer systems.

At 14 I began working at a local computer repair shop and learned how to remove viruses, clean and restore computer systems, and install and maintain proper security software.

In my early 20's I received my Comptia A+ certification, and was considered an expert in my field of work. I then began expanding my career as a computer repair technician.

Computer Repair Services

Take a look at a few of the repair services I offer in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area.

Complete detection and removal of any computer virus. Note some computer viruses require a full system wipe for removal.

Back up all files, pictures, movies, music. Saves all your personal data stored on your computer. And/or data recovery on old damaged HDD's.

For old, slow, non virus infected computers. Will clean out clunked data removing any spyware, and defrag HDD to ensure optimal performance.

Full system restored to factory settings "the day it was when you bought it" Repairing damaged operating systems potentially caused by viruses.

Note it is always recommended to use this service with System backup/Data recovery service to keep original user files

Make sure you are protected online, without the yearly subscription. Top rated fee security solutions installed and implemented.

Note For badly infected machines it is recommended to do 1- Full System wipe 2-Data backup/Recovery 3-Full System Security Setup

Install any computer hardware part/parts desktop or laptop.

Upgrade memory on laptops to increase speed. Upgrade hard drives to increase storage space. or switch to a solid state drive for faster start up times.

Any/all Computer hardware installations.

Will replace cracked or damaged laptop/tablet screens. Replacement screen must be provided upon repair.

Note if your having trouble finding a replacement screen for your device. Contact me below with your exact device model # and i will email you links on replacement screens.

I can install any OS "Operating System" on your computer. From windows xp to windows 10. Ask about my Linux OS installations offered as well.

Note for windows OS installation. Valid activation code required for upgrade. If no code is provided will have to revert to original OS that computer was designed for.

Will recycle any/all computer related technology free of charge. I accept old laptops/desktops, monitors, any internal computer hardware.

Note PC Recycling is always free of charge. If interested please contact me below with device/devices you are trying to recycle.

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Jordan W.Rosales

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