Lost Data Recovery

Another unfortunate case of lost data. Losing your data on your PC can be heartbreaking. And can even pull the plug on your home business if not backed up properly.

Usually, this happens due to Hard Drive failure or system crashes without a proper backup. According to a blog on “consultech.com” on “10-common-causes-of-data-loss”

67 percent of data loss is caused by hard drive crashes or system failure.

14 percent of data loss is caused by human error.

And 10 percent of data loss is a result of software failure.

the statistic above is quoted from https://consoltech.com/blog/10-common-causes-of-data-loss/

In this case, our customer accidentally formatted his main C: drive with all his personal data on it.

Formatting is the process of preparing a hard disk drive or storage medium for reading and writing. Formatting a storage medium erases all data and recreates the file system.

Therefore, once formatted his drive was completely empty and all 150gbs of his personal data lost.

At this point, data recovery is not an easy task. As you could imagine, bringing dead files back to life can be very tedious and in pretty much all cases you will have file corruption to deal with.

Likewise, this was no different. Multiple attempts failed during the recovery and some completed but had massive file corruption. But there’s no challenge to great for Comtech Repair. And we succeeded in recovering over 95% of his files. Comptech Fixed Right!

Indecently Computer hard drives store data within a file system. When you erase files from your computer you are actually just removing them from the file system, not the drive itself. Consequently overwriting old data as new data is added.

Therefore, the more you use the storage medium after losing data, the less likely recovery will be possible.

Luckily, our customer contacted us right after losing his data and we were able to recover over 95% of his lost files.

In addition to recovering the majority of his lost files. We also performed a clean install of windows 10. Upgrading from his previous version of Windows 7 and restoring all his recovered data.

Once finished with the upgrade and data restore. We then reinstalled all the old software our customer was using, showed him how to use the new Windows 10 and set up his security.

Comptech Fixed Right with the Comptech Guarantee.

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