Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad Heatsink and Fan fix + full PC Clean

Bent heat-sink on Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad, causing loud sounds and overheating

Lenovo Yoga laptops combine power, portability, and battery life. Perfect for travel, with the ability to transform into a tablet. They are very high-end machines.

Consequently, they require regular maintenance to keep them running at top efficiency. Especially with their CPU heat-sinks and fans.

In this case, our customer noted that his Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad would make a loud rattling noise while running. In addition to overheating when trying to watch movies. Accordingly, Comptech repair got to work right away.

We began by dismantling the machine and once inside we could clearly see what the problem was. As a result of a fall or heavy usage, the CPU heat-sink and fan was bent outward. So much so it was resting against the bottom plate.

Therefore, the first thing that needed to be done was to get that heat-sink/fan back in place.

And finally, after complete disassembly, we began carefully bending the heat-sink/fan back in place. Then glue was applied to keep it from coming loose again, fixed right.

Lastly, we got everything put back together and tested. All noise was eliminated and internal temperatures reduced by 20%.

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Rattling noise, Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad fixed.

In addition to.

Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad overheating issues, fixed.

Comptech Fixed right

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