Lenovo Yoga Pro Overheating issues

Dirty Lenovo Yoga Pro Motherboard

Another Lenovo Yoga having problems with its fan. This time a Yoga pro that was having issues with overheating and shutting down due to heat. As you can see in the picture above, both fans are clogged with a bunch of dust. The fan vents were even worse.

A very common issue with the Lenovo Yoga laptop. Because of the design, they tend to get clogged with dust easily. A very nice computer tho producing a lot of power while conserving battery life and can act as a tablet.

After seeing all that dust I then performed an intense cleaning of both fans and re-seated the GPU-CPU with Nano-Diamond thermal compound. all included in the Comptech Repair Full PC Clean. The Lenovo Yoga decreased the heat it produces drastically and has not had problems with heat since.

So If you own a Lenovo yoga PC congrats! may it serve you well. But if it’s giving you the dreaded thermal shut down error, it might be time for a regular Comptech Full PC Clean. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Lenovo Yoga Pro Overheating issue fixed right.

Consequently decreasing internal temperatures and eliminating the thermal shut done errors.

Don’t let your expensive laptop get this dirty, Contact us today to schedule a regular full PC clean.

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