Lenovo All-In-One-PC Full clean of all internal components and Clean install of windows 7 home.

Lenovo all-in-one Full PC Clean, Comptech Fixed Right.

Full disassembly and Cleaning of a Lenovo All-In-On-PC. All Comptech Full PC Cleans include full disassembly plus thorough cleaning of all hardware components and fan ports. Part of the Comptech Guarantee, all computers fixed right.

In this case, our customer told us the machine was stored at his shop and experienced heavy usage. He noted that it was fairly new, only a few months old. But during peak hours it would get really hot and start acting slow.

To begin with, it doesn’t take long for a PC to collect dust, especially if it is stored in a workshop or office. This particular Lenovo All-In-One was only a few months old but it had already collected a large amount of dust on all the internal components and fans. So, a Comptech full PC clean was necessary.

Regularly removing dust and grime on internal components will not only improve the life of your computer significantly but will also decrease the heat the machine produces. Consequently keeping your components cool and running longer.

So if your PC is getting really hot and giving you thermal shutdowns or making loud annoying sounds. It might be time for a Comptech full PC Clean, Click the contact button below or give us a call for a free estimate.

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All-In-One Full PC Clean, fixed right.

Consequently reducing temperatures by 30%.

so Don’t suffer from a loud annoying PC acting slow, contact us today for a free quote.

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