HP Laptop Motherboard Upgrade for faster performance.

HP Laptop Motherboard Upgrade, Fixed Right.

An older hp laptop running an Intel Pentium dual-core processor. The processor was so underpowered it would give excellent battery life, anywhere from 5-7 hours while idle. But it would lag on average day tasks and could not run any games.

Consequently, These CPU’s are mainly designed for web browsing and email.

Due to the CPU not able to keep up with the customer needs, an upgrade or new laptop was necessary.

That being said, laptops are not to upgrade friendly.

In order to upgrade the CPU on this particular HP laptop, you would need to upgrade the motherboard. The reason for this is due to motherboard and CPU compatibility restrictions. Not to mention the CPU is soldered in place and soldering work can get a little pricy.

Although, technically it would be possible to swap out a laptop CPU. If the motherboard supports a better CPU then resoldering is possible. Although not practical, due to soldered-in CPU’s being very hard to find and very pricy. The cost of the repair, plus that of CPU would approach the cost of a new laptop.

Ordinarily, you would be better off getting a new laptop at this point. Again due to laptop parts being so hard to find and so pricy. But our customer did not want a new machine. So Comptech repair rose to the challenge. We were able to find an affordable upgrade to an Intel i3 quadcore CPU motherboard.

And after the upgrade, it received a 30% speed boost, eliminated the lag on average day tasks. And was able to play all the games requested to be played.

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HP Laptop Motherboard Upgraded, Fixed Right.

Consequently receiving a 30% speed boost.

All computers fixed right, Get your machine back up and running like new, fixed right and with the Comptech Guarantee.

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