HP Laptop CPU Fan Replacement

In the video above we show the new fan spinning, followed by the old fan being replaced. It’s so dirty and clogged that it barely moves.

HP Laptop CPU Fan

In this instance, our customer reported to us that her HP laptop fan was not working. And Because the CPU fan had stopped spinning. The laptop could not be powered on for more than a few minutes without shutting down due to overheating.

As a result of all laptop fans being built around an enclosed baring, pre-filled with a lubricant to prevent leakage on any one of the highly sensitive parts. A replacement fan was necessary. So Comptech Repair got to work.

During the initial take apart we noticed that the back left LCD hinge was breaking and about to snap completely off. There were three screws holding down the hinge. But two of them had broke.

Broken LCD Hinge

Broken LCD Hinge

As you can see the hinge and screws are fine but the plastic holders where they screw into are broke. There is one other screw that you cant see. It screws in from the bottem to keep it sandwitched together. But, since two of the three screws holding the hinge down were broke, eventually the last one would break as well.

This would lead to the left side of the LCD breaking loose and moving around freely. If not fixed right away it would cause further damage to the LCD/Bezel, Bottom Plate and/or LCD Hinges.

Now we could have left it the way it was and the customer would have been back in a few months for another repair, this time on the LCD hinge. But Comptech Repair doesn’t do business that way. All Computers Fixed Right the first time Guaranteed. Therefore the customer was informed of the problem immediately and a few solutions were offered.

Comptech Repair LCD Hinge Fixed Right.

In this situation, you can perform two types of fixes. First off, because the screw holders attached to the bottom plate are broke. The only way to replace it would be to replace the entire bottom plate.

But it seems a little silly to replace the entire bottom plate just for two small plastic screw holders. And if you wanted to go that route laptop bottom plates can range anywhere from 40$ to 180$ depending on the make and model.

The second type of fix that can be applied is the one our customer ended up going with and saved her over 100$.

So, what we ended up doing was completely dismantling the laptop. Then set the hinge in place and carefully applied a JB-Weld epoxy. Being extremely careful not to get the epoxy on any sensitive components.

This type of fix is permanent making sure you will never have to replace the hinge or bottom plate for the life of the PC, See below.

So make sure your laptop repair is Comptech Fixed Right with the Comptech Guarantee.

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HP laptop CPU fan Fixed Right.

In addition to

HP laptop hinge repair, Fixed Right

So if your laptop has a broken LCD hinge where the screen doesn’t sit in place and/or doesn’t stay open. Or if the fan stopped working, don’t wait, contact us today for a free estimate.

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