Tech Terms (FAQ)


What is a BIOS?

BIOS is an Acronym for Basic Input Output/System.The BIOS is a type of firmware that boots before the operating system to give hardware initialization before the operating system and drivers are loaded.

What is firmware?

Firmware is software embedded in a non-volatile memory chip such as ROM EPROM or FLASH MEMORY to provide instructions to integrated hardware components.

What is ROM

ROM”READ ONLY MEMORY” is a type of non-volatile memory designed to store data for hardware instructions/manipulation. Data stored in ROM can only be modified slowly, very difficultly, or not at all for this reason ROM is mainly used to store firmware.

What is a CPU?

CPU”Central Processing Unit” Is the brain of your computer. The CPU carries out all the program instructions provided by RAM by performing the basic arithmetic, logical, control and input/output (I/O) operations specified by the instructions “program”.

What is HDD?

HDD”Hard Disk Drive” is the primary storage of a computer system. HDD’s are designed to store large amounts of data on disks inside your computer. There is a needle inside each HDD that hovers over the storage disks. Whenever you save something to you computer it goes to the HDD and the needle starts spinning at thousands of RPM’s, physicaly writing your data to your HDD.

What is Overclocking?

Overclocking is a practice used by computer enthusists in which a specific computer component “RAM, GPU, or CPU” is forced to operate beyond recommend manufacture settings to increase performance.

What is an SSD?

SSD”Solid State Drive” is another type of storage media. An SSD uses the same technology that RAM does only with 10x more storage space. So an SSD is pretty much a supper fast HDD with no moving parts, meaning more reliable than HDD’s as well.

What is a program?

A Program is a set of instructions to be carried out by the CPU written in a programming language the computer can understand.

What is Software?

Software is the opposite of computer hardware, whereas hardware is physical computer components software resides inside your computer as data. Therefore Software is another name for programs.

What is RAM?

RAM”RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY” And the CPU work hand and hand together for the overall speed of you system.RAM is a type of high speed memory that stores program instructions for your CPU to access instantaneously. Since other computer storage devices “HDD, cd’s, usb flash drives,” are extremely slow at feeding instructions to the CPU, RAM is necessary for any computer system.

What is PSU?

PSU”Power Supply Unit converts 120VAC from your power outlet to 12VDC so your computer components can use it. Once converted the PSU distributes the 12VDC power as needed to each individual component.

What is a Programming Language?

A Programming Language is a formal computer language used to communicate instructions to a computer/machine. Programming languages are used to write computer code witch is the underlining of all programs.

What is GPU?

GPU”Graphics Processing Unit” is a specialized Computer circuit witch rapidly manipulates and alters memory”RAM” to accelerate the creation of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display device. GPU’s are often mistook for Video Cards or Graphics Cards because they are the primary component of such devices.

What is Binary code?

Binary code uses 0’s and 1’s to communicate instructions to any computer/machine, 1 represents on and 0 represents off. All programming languages use a compiler to compile programming instructions to the form that computers can understand, binary code. For example 01100001 = a in binary code 8 bits equals 1 byte.