Dell Ultrabook Damaged LCD Replacement

Dell Ultrabook, Damaged LCD

Above we have a very nice Dell Ultrabook. These type of machines produce a lot of power in addition to maintaining good battery life.

But unfortunately, This particular Dell Ultrabook had damage to its LCD and Touch Screen Digitizer, making it pretty much useless.

Damaged LCD’s on laptop computers are a very common issue. While the majority of these cases are the result of accidental damage. Some can be the result of heavy usage or failure to service the machine as necessary.

In our case, the cause of the damage was accidental. The LCD and Touch Screen Digitizer were no longer functioning properly and needed replacement.

Consequently, Comptech Repair found a suitable replacement and got to work on the install right away.

Dell Ultrabook Fixed LCD. Comptech Fixed Right

In addition to fully replacing and testing the damaged LCD and Touch Screen Digitizer. We also performed a full PC clean and tune-up. All Part of the Comptech Guarantee, All Computers Fixed Right.

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