AMD Custom Built Gaming PC

AMD Custom built Gaming PC

In this case, our customer gave us a budget of 1200.00$ to design a custom gaming PC. And with that, we designed a top of the line custom built AMD gaming rig.

Specifically, We put an AMD 8 core FX processor clocked at 5GHz! with Corsair’s liquid cooling in it. Coupled with an RX580 STRIX GPU, 32gb of RAM and all for just over $1000.00. Our gaming rig can run any game on the market and then some. Designed and built from scratch, running great. Built right.

So if you’re in need of an ultra-fast new gaming PC. Comtech Computer Repair & Recycle will get your dream PC built for you. Contact us today, give us your budget and watch the magic happen. Comptech Guaranteed.

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AMD 8 core FX Gaming PC, Built Right.

Very powerful gaming rig designed to run any game on the market.

So if you’r looking to have a new gaming rig built for you, contact us today.

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