Lost Data Recovery

Another unfortunate case of lost data. Losing your data on your PC can be heartbreaking. And can even pull the plug on your home business if not backed up properly. Usually, this happens due to Hard Drive failure or system crashes without a proper backup. According to a blog on “consultech.com” on “10-common-causes-of-data-loss” 67 percent […]

Dell Ultrabook Damaged LCD Replacement

Above we have a very nice Dell Ultrabook. These type of machines produce a lot of power in addition to maintaining good battery life. But unfortunately, This particular Dell Ultrabook had damage to its LCD and Touch Screen Digitizer, making it pretty much useless. Damaged LCD’s on laptop computers are a very common issue. While […]

HP Laptop CPU Fan Replacement

In the video above we show the new fan spinning, followed by the old fan being replaced. It’s so dirty and clogged that it barely moves. In this instance, our customer reported to us that her HP laptop fan was not working. And Because the CPU fan had stopped spinning. The laptop could not be […]

Lenovo Yoga Pro Overheating issues

Another Lenovo Yoga having problems with its fan. This time a Yoga pro that was having issues with overheating and shutting down due to heat. As you can see in the picture above, both fans are clogged with a bunch of dust. The fan vents were even worse. A very common issue with the Lenovo […]

AMD Custom Built Gaming PC

In this case, our customer gave us a budget of 1200.00$ to design a custom gaming PC. And with that, we designed a top of the line custom built AMD gaming rig. Specifically, We put an AMD 8 core FX processor clocked at 5GHz! with Corsair’s liquid cooling in it. Coupled with an RX580 STRIX […]

Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad Heatsink and Fan fix + full PC Clean

Lenovo Yoga laptops combine power, portability, and battery life. Perfect for travel, with the ability to transform into a tablet. They are very high-end machines. Consequently, they require regular maintenance to keep them running at top efficiency. Especially with their CPU heat-sinks and fans. In this case, our customer noted that his Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad […]