Is it time to buy a new computer

is it time to buy a new computer?

Hello, everybody, it’s Jordan over here at Comptechnfo again. I’m writing this article for anyone out there having a hard time deciding weather or not to buy a new computer, clean out your existing computer, or get some upgrades.

Computer Users

Lets start off talking about the the few common computer user associations.

Home User

Preforms only basic computer operations as in browsing the internet, checking email, and paying bills online.

Media User

Uses PC for all media tasks as in playing HD movies with surround sound, listening to high-quality music, and playing low to mid end computer games.

Power User

There are many different types of power users such as System administrators, Computer repair technicians “like myself”, Graphics design artists, or even the hardcore gamer. but we won’t get into all those in this article. For now, just know that Power users are mainly those seeking to get the most of their PC always looking for the latest and greatest on the market.


Upgrading your computer instead of buying a new one can save lots of money. And most of the time is a much better way to go. But, is not always possible on older systems due to compatibility.  In most cases i would not even think about upgrading a PC that is 10+ years old.

If you just want some more power in your PC, to installer newer software or just increase your overall user experience. Then why not throw some more RAM in your system to increase the speed. Or if you do a lot of downloading online and your Hard Drive is full, install a new HDD to increase storage. Maybe upgrade to an SSD”Solid State Dive” and have your computer boot lightning fast.

There are many different upgrade options for both desktop and laptop, and you should never just throw out your old PC and buy a new one without considering just upgrading it first. Unless, of course your machine is to outdated for an upgrade.


If your wondering weather to clean your computer the first thing you need to do is check you Hard Disk usage. To do this open the start menu in windows, and navigate to my computer. Or simply type computer in the search box. Once inside my computer “computer in windows 10” right click on your primary drive, witch is most likely C:, then select properties.

HDD Properties

In the general tab you can see the amount of disk space currently being used by your system. As you can see I’m using about 25% of my HDD. And in most cases, once you go past 50% usage on your HDD your system might start slowing down. And if you go past 80% HDD usage your hard drive has the possibility of failing and you might lose all information on your computer if you don’t get some space freed up.

Furthermore, if the user had 50% or more HDD usage then a complete system clean and HDD Defrag is needed. Adding a new Hard disk to your system would also solve the problem.

But if your Hard Drive is not full. And your computer is acting weird, booting slow, taking forever to load files and documents, and it’s definitely not the way it was when you first got it then your going to need a complete system clean, HDD defrag, and/or virus removal.

To find out if you have a virus check out my next article on “All the signs of a Computer Virus”.

Buy a New Computer?

So should you buy a new computer? well, the answer to that is simple. First, ask yourself one question, do I want more from my PC than what I was doing with it the day I got it? if the answer is yes then the next step would be to figure out exactly how much more processing power your need.

In order to do this, you can take a look a the system requirements of the new software/hardware you’re thinking about installing. Then take a look at your current system configuration for comparison. You can get to computer properties” in MS Windows”, by simply typing computer in the start menu. Then right-click the link and select properties. 

In the System tab, you can see what kind of processor you are running and how much memory you’re computer has. For more details on all devices installed on your computer click device manager on the left tab.

Now we can just compare our system settings to the required system settings of the software we want to use. If the software requirements are 2x more than what you currently have then it might be time to buy a new computer. But if you only need a few extra gigs of memory or a few more GHz on your processor than an upgrade will be more than sufficient.

Thanks for reading, i hope this article has helped you more understand when you need to buy a new computer and when its time to clean out/upgrade your existing computer. Keep checking back daily for more updates.

And if you need any upgrades/help buying a new computer in the Colorado Springs Colorado area. Feel free to Email me in my about section with any computer related issues or concerns.
Jordan Rosales

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