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Amazon prime air, delivery drone

The future of deliveries is here! or almost here anyway, Amazon.com has developed a revolutionary delivery system they call Amazon Prime Air. Therefore amazon plans to implement unmanned air drones in their future deliveries of packages up to 5lbs. With this technology, amazon will be able to guarantee your delivery in 30 minutes or less.

Now that’s efficiency, 30-minute deliveries using fully autonomous drones. Unfortunate for postmen but very promising for all us online shoppers. furthermore, in the future, we might see all our mail being delivered this way.

Imagine a world where you receive your mail through an automated landing pad/mail-box. A world where online shoppers can purchase and receive their packages almost instantaneously.

Of course, this technology is still in its early stages, and the aforementioned “world” is still a little further down the road. But Amazon is determined to make this dream a realization, and on dec 7th 2016, they put that dream to the test. With an actual delivery to a private customer in the Kingsbridge area of England.

Amazon prime air, first delivery


Amazon is currently working on multiple designs for their delivery drones. So in the near future, we will see a number of different drone models from amazon for different climates and packages. Just as we see multiple UPS trucks driving down the road we soon will see multiple Amazon drones flying through the air.

So just how close to this new way of life are we? Well, there is still a whole lot of regulations and kinks to work out with the FAA. Which is why Amazon had to do all their testing in Europe as rules and regulations for such things are much stricter here in America.

Lucky for us England was more than willing to let amazon perform their tests. And using the vital information they are gathering from such tests, Amazon plans to make their drones much safer and more reliable.

So, unfortunately, the answer to when is still unknown. But within the next few years, you can definitely be sure to see Amazon prime air start to really take off.




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